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*AG The Concept is a proud Women Of Color-owned business, founded and operated by South Asian women.
**All products are designed and made in the USA.
AG The Concept:

AG The Concept aims to become a lifestyle brand that connects the forthcoming and inevitable collide of the tech and fashion worlds. Founded by an established entrepreneur and an experienced apparel product developer (both with at least a decade's worth of experience in their respective fields), AG The Concept plans to create its own table in this unique and modern overlap of the science and style spaces. 

First Launch: Avant Guard + The AG (Silver) Mask

Launching with our first collection, Avant Guard, AG The Concept focuses on the new must-have accessory in these new and interesting times: the face mask. The AG (Silver) Mask is a contemporary and tech-forward variant of its fabric-based predecessors. Our mask includes multifaceted details emphasizing design, function, and fit. Taking inspiration from 1920's Art Deco and the inclusion of Sheildex®'s silver-infused fabric (yes, the metal), our face mask is truly one of a kind.

What To Expect Next:

As AG The Concept grows, we will be slowly releasing apparel collections that can be employed as essential basics, loungewear, and activewear. The AG (Silver) Mask is just a first small leap towards utilizing everyday fabrics infused with silver (and other surprising elements) and supplying accessories and clothing that will protect you in style.

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