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Hello, I am The AG (Silver) Mask in Size Large. I am a SMART TEXTILE FACE MASK that has been engineered for your safety and designed to fit your modern, contemporary lifestyle. I am uniquely built with key components that will assist you in both function and fit.


As a Size Large, I tend to fit most men's faces as they are usually built larger genetically. See my Size Chart (last image) to double-check if I am the perfect fit for you.


NOTE: The AG (Silver) Mask is not a medical-grade or N95/KF95/KN95 face mask. Although our silver fabrication (Shieldex® Medtex P130 + B) is manufactured as medical fabric and is used in various medical settings, our overall mask has not been designed for the medical industry and therefore is not a medical-grade/N95/KF95/KN95 face mask.

The AG (Silver) Mask - Large

Color: Black
    1. OUTER LAYER: A knit fabric for breathability. 
    2. INNER LAYER: Smart Textile Technology by Shieldex® that blends science and fashion to create a fabric made of silver (yes, the metal).
    3. EAR STRAPS: Adjustable and made of soft elastic.
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